Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a procedure meant to reveal more natural tooth structure for patients with excessive gum tissue. Crown lengthening is used to improve the appearance of one or more teeth. Also, crown lengthening is meant to help secure a filling, cap, or dental crown.

Reasons for Crown Lengthening:

Dental Crown

A tooth with extensive decay under the gum tissue, or that is broken off at the gumline, needs to be exposed in order to restore the tooth. Without enough exposure of the tooth available, then a dental crown may be loose fitting, cause inflammation, and irritation. Also, decay can also be found underneath a poorly fitting crown. Crown lengthening provides the necessary tooth structure to allow for a properly secure dental crown.

The Intersection of Periodontal Disease and Cavities

Periodontal disease damages and decays teeth. Periodontal disease when combined with cavities is particularly problematic. Specifically, a cavity that is near the gumline needs enough tooth to support a filling. If there is not enough of the tooth exposed, then, unfortunately, a filling will not stay in place, and cause the need for additional dental work. Hence, crown lengthening provides the added dental structure needed to maintain the filling.

A Gummy Smile

A gummy smile is a smile that shows excessive gum when you smile. Such an unbalanced smile is not aesthetically ideal. A gummy smile can make you feel self-conscious and hurt your confidence. Crown lengthening can improve a gummy smile by revealing more natural tooth. Consequently, providing dental balance and enhancing a smile. With more healthy teeth exposed, your smile will shine brighter. Crown lengthening for a gummy smile can be performed on a single tooth, or the full gum line.

So you’re interested, what does crown lengthening involve?

Dental crown lengthening includes the removal of gum tissue, bone, or a combination of gum tissue and bone, to expose more of a tooth’s actual structure. Sedation is available, including IV Conscious Sedation, when appropriate. The crown lengthening procedure itself is relatively short in time, but, of course, varies from procedure to procedure, depending on the complexity of the procedure and the patient’s goals. Dr. Dianati manipulates the gum tissue in several different ways. Once access has been made to the roots and surrounding bones, an adequate amount of gum tissue is removed or repositioned.

Recovery from Crown Lengthening

Most crown lengthening procedures result in little discomfort. Dr. Dianati tries to enhance a comfortable recovery of your patients by prescribing appropriate pain medications when necessary. All patients will be provided at-home care instructions and patients will have follow-up appointments to monitor the treatment to a successful resolution.

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