Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry allows patients to go through dental and periodontal procedures without being hampered by moderate to severe fear. Dr. Dianati presents several sedation options for patients and is one of the few dental professionals who is both a periodontist and licensed to administer IV sedation.

If your dental fears are preventing you from taking care of your dental health and, consequently, your overall health, then IV sedation may be the solution you need. IV sedation helps with those with extremely sensitive teeth, who have trouble getting numb, or have a strong gag reflex.

IV sedation allows you to be sedated to the point that you are unaware of the treatment. It will be as if you were taking a nap. Some say it feels like a dream. You will awake with little to no memory of what occurred.

IV sedation uses an IV line in your arm or hand to administer the sedative medications directly into the bloodstream, where it is more effective than medication taken orally. It allows Dr. Dianati to more precisely administer the amount of needed medication for sedation. The level of sedation can be immediately increased if the patient is not sedated enough. IV sedation is a safe procedure that occurs across the nation very frequently on a daily basis.

There is also oral sedation, which administered orally via a pill. It is, generally, less powerful than IV sedation, but may be enough for your treatment needs. Please contact Dr. Dianati to see which sedation option is the best for you.