Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The thought of extracting teeth can be daunting, but it should not be.

The removal of wisdom teeth is routinely completed by qualified dental professionals like Dr. Dianati.

We each get three sets of molars during our life. The first set arrive at age 6, the second at age 12, and the third molars develop during the late teens and afterwards. Hence, the name “wisdom teeth,” as children are wiser during the age of the third molars.

However, most of the time wisdom teeth need to be pulled. Most mouths can accommodate 28 adult teeth, not 32. By the time your wisdom teeth start to grow, those 28 slots are already filled. Consequently, 9 out of 10 people find themselves with at least one impacted wisdom tooth that requires extraction. Whether are not wisdom teeth are impacted, they still pose significant problems, such as becoming easily infected, and the risk of cysts/tumors.

Why remove wisdom teeth earlier? There are plenty of reasons, but one anatomical reason is that there is a window of time during the ages of 17 to 25 when wisdom teeth have yet completely formed roots. This provides an optimal time for their removal as there is less risk of damaging nearby nerves, bones and teeth.

Also, another reason to extract wisdom teeth sooner rather later is the risk of infection, pain, damage to neighboring teeth and cysts and tumors, due to wisdom teeth. Keep the wisdom, lose the teeth.

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