Gum Gallery

Dr. Dianati has dealt with just about every gum condition you can imagine. Her experience at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in West Los Angeles exposed her to a multitude of dental conditions, while helping our veterans. Dr. Dianati uses her real life Veterans Affairs training as the backdrop to deal with gum issues most dentists will not treat. Dr. Dianati possesses the skill, determination, and grit that allowed her to give back to the military community and continues to allow her to give back to the civilian community. Dr. Dianati’s training at the UCLA/Veterans Affairs program exposed her to a high volume of mouths that needed gum care. Practice is important, but there is no substitute for actual performance. The following are some of Dr. Dianati’s gum surgery results after only one treatment appointment.

Dr. Dianati has performed hundreds of gum surgeries and is one of the select few periodontists personally trained by Dr. Chao on the minimally invasive Chao Pinhole Technique. The following are gum augmentation cases utilizing the revolutionary Chao Pinhole Technique to treat receding gums:


The following are examples of the Chao Pinhole Technique treatment for more localized areas of gum recession:


The treatment of gum recession is paramount to help prevent tooth loss, prevent cavities, and reduce dental sensitivity.


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