Gum Grafting with Acellular Dermal Matrix (AlloDerm)

Healthy gum tissue protects your teeth from gum disease while allowing you to have a beautiful smile. Unfortunately, some patients suffer gum loss, or gum recession. When this occurs, gum recession is sometimes treated by retrieving soft tissue from the roof of your mouth. However, removing a section of your palate creates pain and discomfort.

AlloDerm allows your smile to be restored without the need for retrieving tissue from the palate. Better yet, AlloDerm is also natural.

Aggressive tooth brushing and gum disease are the two main causes for gum recession. Gum recession can lead to plaque build-up, root sensitivity, loss of bone, tooth decay, an unattractive smile, and eventually even tooth loss.

AlloDerm is donated tissue that has been processed to remove cells creating a regenerative tissue matrix. Its success in soft tissue treatments is documented by almost 20 years of dental applications and research.

AlloDerm is widely used in the medical and dental fields for plastic and reconstructive surgery. Since its introduction in 1994, over one million AlloDerm grafts have been successfully placed in various applications. Donor tissue is extensively screened and tested and then undergoes proprietary processing to ensure that AlloDerm is ready for use in patients

The day prior to an AlloDerm gum grafting procedure, Dr. Dianati prescribes a prescription antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drug. These are must takes. These medications should be taken until they are finished.

During the AlloDerm procedure, Dr. Dianati will begin by performing a deep cleaning treatment to remove any buildup on the teeth and gums. Next, Dr. Dianati administers a local anesthetic to maximize patient comfort. After that, Dr. Dianati places small incisions in the gums while they are being built up via AlloDerm to create a tiny pocket where the regenerative tissue will be placed. It may seem like there has been too much tissue placed, but, in time, it will look more natural. Lastly, Dr. Dianati sutures the site to stabilize the graft and allow for proper healing.

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