A frenum is a naturally occurring muscle attachment, normally seen between the front teeth (either upper or lower). It connects the inner aspect of the lip with the gum. A lack of attached gingiva, in conjunction with a high (closer to the biting surface) frenum attachment, which exaggerates the pull on the gum margin, can result in recession. Additionally, an excessively large frenum can prevent the teeth from coming together resulting in a gap between the front teeth. Also, a frenum that is too short or thick, will cause problems in speech patterns and tooth misalignment. In infants, a shortened frenum underneath the tongue will inhibit breastfeeding. When the frenum disrupts movement, growth, or development, corrective action is necessary to resolve the situation.

A frenectomy is simply the surgical removal of a frenum that usually takes less than 15 minutes. Depending on the case, it can be performed with either a scalpel or laser. Some benefits of using a laser, include minimal bleeding, no stitches, less postoperative discomfort, and a shorter healing time.

Frenectomies are performed on people of all ages. If you or your child needs a frenectomy, then rest assured that the procedure is very successful. Also, the comfort of all of our patient is kept in the forefront of the process.

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