Osseous Dental Surgery

Gum disease causes many dental problems, including bad breath, sore and bleeding gums, loose teeth and ultimately tooth loss. Osseous dental surgery is a periodontal procedure frequently referred to as pocket depth reduction. The surgical techniques in an osseous dental procedure can help stop the advancement of periodontal disease by reducing the depth of the pockets around your teeth and curtailing bacteria growth.

Healthy gums firmly cup your teeth, which protect them from decay and damage caused by bacteria. Periodontitis, or advanced gum disease, destroys the supporting tissue and bone structure that hold teeth, thereby leaving your teeth enveloped in loose pockets. The pockets allow more bacteria to grow under the gum tissue, which creates further bone and tissue damage and tooth loss probable. Osseous surgery can help save your teeth.

During an osseous dental procedure the harmful bacteria is removed, the bone smoothened out from any damage, and your gum tissue will be properly reattached to tighten up any loose pockets around your teeth. All of this happens with proper anesthetics, and possible sedation, to alleviate the pain and help make the patient comfortable.

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