Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) comes from fractioning blood into its components. PRP can be used in bone and soft tissue regeneration. It is a remarkable breakthrough. By using a small amount of a patient’s own blood, we can isolate important proteins that stimulate healing, encourage new bone growth, and repair soft tissue. PRP is a safe process with little risk.

PRP is Cutting Edge

PRP is nothing short of cutting edge. It allows the body to spring the normal healing pathways at an accelerated rate. When you suffer a wound, many different cells and cell-types rush to the injury site and initiate the healing process by forming blood clots and releasing growth factors. The more growth factors that are introduced to the wound, the more rapid healing occurs. Now, imagine being able to harness and inject that power into surgical areas. This allows for accelerated healing but without the usual immune system response of swelling and inflammation.

Also, PRP is powerful enough to encourage formation of new bone. Consequently, by adding PRP to the surgical site, the doctor can encourage bone growth faster and more predictably, which is important for such procedures as dental implants.

PRP Highlights

  • Safe. PRP is derived from the patient’s own blood, hence disease transmission is a non-issue. This is the only such technique that makes use of the body’s own mechanisms and only became offered after proving itself in more than 10,000 patients in different fields.
  • Cost Effective and Convenient. The patient does not need to go through the expense of a harvesting procedure in a hospital or at a blood bank. PRP is easily generated in our office.
  • Faster Healing. Patients experience faster healing time and tissue regeneration with PRP.
  • Bone Growth. An amazing method to maximize bone growth potential, which helps facilitate such procedures as dental implants.

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