Gum Disease and Stroke

If You Are At Stroke Risk, Then Gum Care Is Especially Important

Poor gum health increases stroke risk. If you are at stroke risk, or if you already suffered a stroke, then gum disease prevention and treatment should be a necessary component of your health care plan.

The reason gum disease boosts the risk of stroke is most likely because the burden of active infection on a person’s immune system. Also, bacteria continually entering the blood stream and the respiratory system cause a negative systemic impact. People with gum disease require a periodontal maintenance program to prevent bacteria from wrecking havoc on their health.

Reducing Your Stroke Risk

Lower your risk of stroke with lifestyle changes by eating healthy food, avoiding tobacco, and increasing physical activity. With that said, lower your stroke risk by keeping your gums health.

Even if you have no symptoms associated with your gums, such as bleeding, you still need to have a dental check-up to have your gums assessed at least every six months.

Beyond the harms of a stroke, gum disease can put you at increased risk for heart attack, certain cancers, diabetes, and even more. Locally, gum disease leads to tooth loss. Hence, this serious disease puts you at risk from your mouth and throughout your body.

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